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In the 1950’s, Jimmy Velvet was a young recording artist that toured with just about everyone in the rock and roll business including Elvis. His hits included songs like 'We Belong Together', 'History Of Love', ’Blue Velvet’, 'To The Aisle', 'It's Almost Tomorrow' and 'Teen Angel'... While zooming up the charts via television appearances and numerous concerts, Jimmy was fortunate enough to work on several of the famous Dick Clark Tours, and even at his young age was also billed as the the Producer & Promoter of many of those Shows.

He was only fifteen years old when he first met nineteen year old, Elvis Presley after his English Teacher Mae Axton had written the King's first million selling record "Heartbreak Hotel". Elvis and Jimmy remained life long close friends until Elvis' untimely passing in 1977. Thankfully, as a young boy and performer, Jimmy loved to take photographs with his camera capturing special moments like his times with Elvis. Wherever Jimmy was, his camera was by his side. Over the years, he has built a large library of unbelievable, unpublished, candid shots. His complete unique photo archives consist of over 6,000 negatives and Jimmy has now included well over 1000 of these photos in the release of volume 1 of his photo-biography-collection entitled 'Inside The Dream' The Jimmy Velvet Story.