Award-winning Speaker, Minister, Author, Screenwriter and Adventurer, Pastor Terry Bomar, is the author of the new book Footsteps of the Shepherd. Drawing from years of extensive experience serving in ministry around the world as a Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist and Prison Chaplin, Terry has a unique way of bringing the scriptures to life with compassion for humanity.

His years of study and experience with people and cultures worldwide has given him a special gift of making the scriptures easy to understand. He is an exciting one-of-a-kind speaker and a fascinating story teller filled with insight contemporary application and compelling biblical principles that are guaranteed to inspire you!

Terry was born and raised in Memphis and attended the same church as Elvis. He will be opening our fantastic Spirit of the King gospel show with a special sermon.

Terry has written delivered more than 6,000 motivational and inspiring speeches and sermons nationally and internationally for ministries and excellent organizations, training small groups and stirring crowds of over 20,000. His adventures, experience and passion make him a captivating speaker on a variety of topics including spirituality, leadership, vision, purpose, corporate training, family and youth issues, religion, addiction recovery and much more.

Terry also founded a nonprofit organization, Young Adventurers, that has mentored over 12,000 youth and families. He's been honored by State Legislators, Sheriff's Departments, County School Boards; and he received an invitation to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration in honor of his community service.