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Gary Garcia

  • Town: San Antonio, TX
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Can't Help Falling In Love

Gary Garcia, born in San Antonio on October 14, 1980. Gary, got his start as an entertainer as a professional backup dancer for Latin pop Artist, Amber Rose in the late 90's. They did many tours and appeared on television shows. Later, Gary, was discovered by a producer from LA who had formed a "boy band". Yes, they were big in the late 90's. It was at this time that Gary, discovered his passion for singing. Gary, gained lots of experience in the studio and appeared in a World Wide Talent competition that was created for the Travel Channel called Destination Stardom. His passion has expanded to a more Las Vegas seen and ready to bring it to San Antonio and surrounding areas. Paying tribute to Elvis Presley, Sinatra, Tom Jones and much more. With 19 years experience, Gary is considered a triple threat, and a well rounded artist. His energetic performance will have everyone on their toes.